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Dr. Peeyush Avtar is a practicing astrologer in india with an experience of many yrs. in the Astrology field. He practices Astrology as a Science and offers advice to her clients with logic and scientific explanations. His approach is towards educating the clients to make them understand as to why they are facing the problems in life. Subsequently, he offers realistic and practical solutions to their problems.
The belief is that the Birth Chart or Horoscope of an individual is a repertoire of one’s actions and deeds (karma) in his past life and reflects the resultant rewards or punishments to be faced by him in this present life. The horoscope unfolds these results with time. As one of the Newton’s Laws of Gravity says that ‘every action has equal and opposite reaction’, so does the Law of Karma suggest that ‘as you sow so shall you reap’. What you undergo and experience in life is the resultant of your own deeds.
An efficient and well read Astrologer reads these underlined events encompassing success and failures, up’s and down’s in the life of an individual, much before their occurrence and can even predict the timing of these events very accurately.

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About Jyotish
Astrology can be more understood as a super science to understand meaning and purpose of human life as enshrined in Vedanga. It is the easiest pathway to realization of self and God. If you are not able to understand anything then GOD made us your MEDIUM. You will get everything to full fill your desire within few time for that we need your faith& trust . I will not let your faith to be lost. Are you having problems in your life.
About Ratan
Gemstone with exclusive natural Gem Stones. S-Peeyush Jyotirvid provides untreated, unheated natural Gems for Astrological Purpose or ornamental purpose. Gems mounted on silver/gold rings and silver/ gold Pendants, made as per requirement is our speciality. S-Peeyush Jyotirvid is committed to provide best to its customers at reasonable price. We present some of the exclusive natural, certified loose Gem Stones at very attractive price.
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